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Do you think website alone will expand the customer base of your business? The answer is a NO. Businesses should also consider options like mobile applications to reach potential customers. Mobile applications allows customers to explore different aspects like products, services etc of the brand, thus increasing its demand. Many businesses are preferring native applications because of its major benefits like smooth internal communication, improved customer engagement etc. But, these native apps also come with shortcomings like high development cost, lengthy development process, etc.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) fixes the shortcomings of the native apps. This the reason for acceptance of PWA among different industries.

What is the difference between Progressive Web Apps & Regular Apps?

ParametersPWARegular App
Installation Users need not to install PWA, they can access it through URL. Regular apps need to be downloaded and installed for usage
Update PWA's are updated automatically Regular Apps need to be updated manually
Storage PWA's don't use any device resource because they can be accessed through urls. Regular app use device storage & also causes higher battery consumption
Security PWAs work on HTTPs so the apps are secure as any website Regular apps need multi factor authentication certificate planning, app stores' security guidelines, etc. for security
Discoverability PWAs can be easily searched through various search engines because they are SEO-Friendly It is difficult to index regular apps in search engines

Should Businesses Build PWAs?

Progressive Web Apps are evolving in these days. If any business is planning to rework on their marketing strategies, they should consider PWA. They are developed using the existing site code and different features are integrated according to the targeted browsers and devices. Also businesses can use advertising model that is used for website. PWA helps the website to rank in the search engine results.

Reasons stated above is why enterprises are advised to go with PWA to harness numerous advantages to discover new opportunities and scope for business growth.

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