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The adoption of Android technology has increased by leaps and bounds, keeping behind the competition in innovation and market share. Android is evolving with new techniques and tools with each year, as far as mobile app development is concerned. All these changing techniques aim to simplify the development process. .

The Android application development companies who fail to adopt the latest advancement will fade away because of the increased competition. Here are the few most significant Android app development trends of 2019.

1. Growing Role of Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning has revolutionized the Android app development industry. The interest in AI applications has increased in the app development market. The developers should use this technology to remain proactive. The app developers use AI to have insights into the user experience, to build a more intuitive app.

In the future, this technology can report app issues and solve them automatically before the user has a chance to even lodge a complaint. Today AI is able to process complex user commands as reflected in Android artificial intelligence assistant. AI assistant solves different problems of the users and also communicates with the user. This technology has raised the bar of expected UX or User Experience.

2.In-App Search

Applications are a part of Android users daily lives, as so many users are browsing on mobile apps, the in-app search requirement increases. If users are unable to search in a particular manner that they have become accustomed to, it is a sure sign that you have to make changes. Users need the search function to be easy. Youtube and Spotify apps have already integrated this feature.

3. Chatbots to Gain Significance

Today most of the on-demand apps come with the chatbot feature and it has become an integral part of these apps. Chatbots allow you to respond to your customers on a real-time basis. This process is virtual and doesn't include any human interaction. They are also getting connected to AR and VR technologies. Chatbots are playing a major role in customer relationship management to a new level.

4. Mobile Payment on the Higher Side

The number of mobile payment is likely to increase in 2019, as almost all banks are offering mobile banking service. Mobile devices are slowly becoming a primary platform for all digital transactions. Physical wallets, debit and credit cards will soon become the thing of past. Blockchain technology has set the table for this evolution to take place. .

The blockchain works as a record keeper of all the digital transactions keeping the client information safe. Android app developers should take this trend into account.

5. Multiplatform development is on the rise

Flutter which is made by Google allows us to build attractive native apps from a single codebase. It provides customizable architecture and extensive widgets, Flutter is a mobile SDK which also provides reactive views without using JavaScript bridge.

One more solution is Kotlin/Native, for compiling Kotlin to native binaries. This technology allows us to build apps with native binaries and instruments. The kotlin compilers produce executables that function without a virtual machine.

Wrapping up

The Android App Development landscapes will offer a lot in the coming years. So, being an android app development company we at Prana Softwares, stay up-to-date with the latest advancements. Our developers always strive to explore and implement new technologies in order to add value to your product.

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