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seo trends 2019

Why every business having a website should prioritize Google or other search engines? Because the search giant has 90% of all web searches, which is the main way your target audience will find your website.

Search Engine Optimization changes constantly, businesses who want to always stay ahead of others should know about them. It is important for businesses to invest in SEO to gain the benefits of online exposure in 2019. This seems to be a revolutionary year for Search Engine Optimization.

Find which trends will matter in the year 2019 and can help you to plan your SEO strategies for the year. Below are few of them:

1. Voice Search:

A large number of people use smart devices and also the smart assistants on devices like Siri and Alexa. Few years ago this was a science fiction which is now a reality with computers which understand human speech.

Voice search SEO will be increasingly important in 2019. It is said that 20% of queries on mobile devices and Google app are through voice search. This is why businesses need to work on voice search SEO strategies.

Voice searches have long tail keywords and use more words than typed searches. For example, Which is the closest Chinese restaurant near me? Rather than Chinese restaurant near me. Voice searches are more in form of questions and phrases.

2.The Rise of Mobile-First Index:

Google has already started mobile-first indexing in 2018. One of the factors that Google considers while ranking your website is the user experience for mobile devices. The business website that is not mobile-friendly misses on huge traffic. You can check whether your website is mobile friendly or not on Google's mobile test site. This site also tells you what steps you can take to make your website mobile friendly.

3. Content Relevance And User Intent:

The websites that have the highest content relevancy to the searches rank in the first few positions in Google. Your content should meet the user intent to rank in top positions. Google and other search engines evaluate the relevance of your website content in real time.

Having only long contents will not help, the quality and depth matter. The engaging and in-depth content will continue to win the race in 2019.

4. Artificial intelligence (AI):

Artificial Intelligence already has an impact on the ranking of the website on search engines. Google uses AI to know human behaviour on websites. Search Engines now use artificial intelligence to replicate human engagement on different web pages, by doing this they receive data that shows how user-friendly each website is. Google and other search engines utilize the same AI functions and then reward sites by ranking them on top. This the reason AI will change SEO in 2019, by focusing on user behavior.

The blockchain works as a record keeper of all the digital transactions keeping the client information safe. Android app developers should take this trend into account.

5. Page Loading Speed:

Google and other search engines aspire to provide the best user experience and also deliver the same faster. From 2018 mobile page speed is also consider as a ranking factor for mobile. You can check the speed of your website using page speed report and make suggested improvements. Accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) by Google helps to offer best user experience and allows webmasters to create fast loading website pages.

Conclusion- The mobile searches are increasing, videos are dominating, voice-searches are increasing at the same time we need to keep a check on security and user data protection. User experience is the primary thing we should focus on, and create content to meet user intent. Being the SEO agency we at Prana Softwares stay up-to-date with all the latest SEO trends. Our team strive to explore and work on new SEO trends to rank our clients website in the top search results. Connect with us to gain a strong digital presence.

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