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Web Design Mistakes

Why don't visitors stay longer on your website? What's the first hook that encourages visitors to explore more on your website?

The answer, most definitely, is your website design. User experience is the factor with which you can evaluate your conversion through the website. Users are more likely to leave your website within 15 seconds if they don't find what they are looking for. It is necessary to get the actual user engagement and for this, you need to avoid the following common web design mistakes.

1. Too Much Content:

The most common mistake designers do is they include a lot of information on the landing page. The visitor of your website will not be able to understand your site in few seconds of arrival. Several times a crowded site is a bad option. The visitors should be provided with easy to understand information and a clean design. Also, there should not be any irrelevant information other than your products or services.

2. Not Having Mobile-Friendly Website

Today a brand that doesn't have a mobile-friendly website is equal to not having a website at all. In 2018 Google switched to "mobile first algorithm". For the search engines, a business without a responsive website today is equivalent to a business without a website. You should not neglect mobile optimization, the reason being that half of the overall internet traffic is generated from mobile devices.

3.Higher Loading Time

If you think your prospects were impatient offline, you need to know that they are far more online(all thanks to the back button). Every person coming on your website wants it to load faster and they don't like to wait. Your website should take 2 seconds or less to load, as 47 percent of visitors expect the same.

One should give special attention to this because the bounce rate is the major factor that hampers your search engine ranking.

4. Improper Call To Action

Just imagine you hosted a cocktail party that had no arrangement of glass to serve beverages, your guests will definitely leave. The same thing goes with the website, It is obvious to have a call to action(CTA).

You have a great web design, great content but you don't have a proper call to action it is not going to work because CTA is the gateway for your business. If users are not able to find CTA or have to go to other pages for the process then, visitors are more likely to bounce. Make sure the call to action is clear and should tell the visitors what exactly they have to do.

5.Not Considering SEO

In 2018 Google released different updates that emphasized quality over quantity as a key factor that determines how easy it is for visitors to find your website. Google should understand what your website is all about, in order to show it to the users searching for things present on your website. Search Engine Optimization helps you to do so.

While building a website, SEO should take a center role that governs page format, content, among other things. Right from images, headers, links, even a single word on your website affects its ranking.

6.Not Updating Regularly

The updated websites are the most loved website by Google, the reason being they contain fresh content, is genuine, and more secure. Another reason is you don't lag behind from the latest technology. Upgradation in technology also increases the risk of cybersecurity. This is why updating themes and plugins are imperative now-a-days.


To summarize, do consider the above mentioned web design mistakes while designing a website to keep the users engaged and increase conversion rate. If you avoid these mistakes and design according to the standards, you will experience a lower bounce rate, get good engagement, and cater to happy customers.

For this, you must select a highly experienced web development company who will be able to deliver a good looking and elegant website for your business.

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