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The Secure Socket Layer is used for encryption of data transfer between the web browser and user browser. SSL is used in the website to stop hackers from misusing the user's data that is left behind in checkout pages, registration forms & contact forms. SSL certificate is issued by Certificate Authority who authenticates the purchaser's identity and is also known as Digital Certificate, which is. This gives a feeling to your users that their data is secure from the hackers and will remain confidential.

How SSL Impacts a Website's SEO Ranking?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or HTTPS is responsible for a secure connection to the page visitors where they share their valuable information. Whenever a user shares important details like email id & password, billing details, etc. HTTPS adds extra layers of protection.

The SSL Certificate has direct and indirect impacts on the websites Search Engine Optimization. Back in 2014, the search engine giant Google announced that it will slightly boost the ranking of the websites who are secure.

You might think that it is just a minor direct ranking signal, but it also has few indirect benefits that can increase your search engine ranking. The main benefit is the decreased bounce rate. Your website visitors will leave the website immediately if they see the "Not Secure" flag on the top screen thus increasing the bounce rate which negatively impacts your search engine or seo ranking. On the other side, users will stick around longer on your website if they have a reason to trust your website, which is best done by providing security to its users.

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