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The need has always existed for heating, ventilation and air conditioning services, but the way services providers have approached or fulfilled these needs have changed with the latest technological advancements. The evolution of IT solutions, including the mobile phones, tablets, HVAC applications, HVAC software will be able to give the service providers a competitive edge, this will also lead to increase daily productivity and efficiency.

HVAC service providing companies have to face lots of pressure in order to optimize their business, increase ROI, save money which also includes increasing productivity,management of the work order etc.

7 Ways Mobile Technology for HVAC Can Help To Optimize Field Service Operations:

1. Make Proper Scheduling With Visual Scheduler:

Using the visual technical location, status of work and skill set requirement one can take some intelligent scheduling decisions.

2. Empower Technicians With Integrated Mobile Apps

You can empower your HVAC technicians with the real time customer, warranty, inventory and other information available on mobile field service app, but this one will also meet to the higher expectations of customers.

3. Automation of Preventive Maintenance Schedule

HVAC contractors majorly focus on maintaining real time and accurate preventive maintenance contracts because it is the most profitable source of revenue generation. With the efficient software you can do the tasks mentioned below by just setting it once and then forget about it.

4. Provide Customer Access to Information Through Stakeholder Portals

Services industries are allowed to create web pages with some custom widgets on stakeholder portal applications. This raises the visibility of the key stakeholders to important data and also manages the business to KPI's. Information captured of the HVAC service industry can be made available to the customers who are entering new orders and looking at the work order status from their own stakeholder app.

5. Manage Service Van Inventory Centrally

Applications of field service management allows streamlining inventory maintenance of the alphanumeric parts and serial numbers for HVAC companies. These applications also centralized multi-costing methods, and also monitors the re-ordered stock based on previous usage. This application with inventory management helps HVAC contractors to:

6. Automated Quoting

The mobile service app also allows the technicians to create a quote on the spot for future sales. Technicians will be able to gain new customers with an effective quoting process. This the best way to take advantage of the technicians and their customer-facing position to generate new customers and loyalty of the existing customers.

7. Document Inspections In The Field

HVAC contractors must have a thorough inspection process because of the competitive pressures and also compliance requirements. The inspection app allow the technicians to perform a paperless inspection on mobile phone, then sync this information with back office to eliminate the re-entered data.


Harness the power of Mobile Technology for your HVAC Business to get done more in less time!

As an HVAC service provider, you know how challengeable it is to Manage all the stakeholders starting from your Back office, Managers, Field Technician to Customers. But if it got managed in an efficient way on a single Software platform, it can not only streamline your business processes but also can keep your Customers happy resulting in high satisfaction and an increase in ROI.

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