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The businesses who have websites as a core component must keep website maintenance on a top priority. Regular maintenance of your website increases its efficiency and at the same time protects the time and money that is invested in the website. Here are few website maintenance tips.

1.Schedule Regular Reviews:

One must regularly review and test the website after any small or big update. We are at a time where things are changing regularly as far as online landscapes are concerned so reviewing the website quarterly is ideal.

2. Fresh Content:

"Content Is The King" and we should not neglect it during the process of website maintenance . Regularly review the static content of your website for updates or corrections. Also update your news & blog sections with fresh content.

3. Continuous Check for Multiple Browser Compatibility of your Website:

Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari are commonly used browsers worldwide. See to it that your website is working well on all different browsers.

4.Check Broken Links Regularly:

Broken links create a bad reputation of your website as well as your business. This is why broken links should be checked for regularly. One must remove all the broken links from the website.

5. Make your website Search Engine Friendly:

Proper website structure, Pixel Perfect and Semantic Markup, W3C compliance makes your website search engine friendly. Also carry out different SEO practices, like adding title tags, meta tags, optimizing keywords, add well formatted urls, image optimization etc. Which will increase your websites ranking on the search engines.

6. Website Analytics:

Monitor your website analytics every alternate day & study the statistics of the visitors and also check whether the goal of conversion is taking place or not. By doing this find out different strategies & implement them on time to get maximum conversion.

Website development process of a good website is done fully rather, It is always in a state of improvement. Leaving the website untouched after development will make it invisible on the digital platform. Prana Softwares a leading web development & design company is here to answer your queries related to web development and website maintenance services. Contact us now.

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